Bournemouth Landscape – My First Painting Post

Happy 2017! I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from the blog to focus on other things, but I’m pleased to be back and starting off the New Year with a blog post I’ve been meaning to do for a while – a post about a recent painting I’ve done.

This particular painting was a wedding present for my Mum and step Dad, and the composition of the painting is Bournemouth beach, a place which is very special to them. I wanted to paint the beach in a fairly realistic style in order to suit other paintings of mine I have hanging in their house, with a view stretched out along the bay towards Bournemouth pier.

Below are a few progress pictures followed by the end result. Hopefully this wont be my first and last personal artwork post of 2017!


My makeshift studio.


Initial sketch of the scene. I took pictures of Bournemouth bay from the Branksome beach end a few months prior to beginning. 


The finished framed piece.



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