Artist Obsession -Alex Heil

January and February are the times in the year where distractions are necessary. Distractions from the grey skies, distractions from the monotony of work, from the realisation we still have months and months to battle through until summer arrives. German freelance artist, Alex Heil’s artwork has been my distraction this week. Her subject matter for this collection being ‘summer’ and the glorious pastimes this season brings. Alex’s paintings hurl me right back to lazy days of summer, and her realistic, blocked style of painting makes me want to speed off to my nearest swimming pool.

Alex Heil 3

Painting the lines on the bottom of the pool like she has really portrays the oscillating movement of the water.

ALex Heil 6

Using her synonymous block painting technique on the subjects hair, the highlighting tones placed in the exact places the sunshine would be hitting indirectly brings the summer sun into the painting.


Alex Heil 2

A strong horizon line, with the perspective on the tiles stretches out the body of the sun worshiper. You can see from her paintings that she has a very keen eye for depicting the human anatomy.

Alex Heil 9

Alex Heil 8

Again this blocking technique, and the avoidance to blend too many tones together, has segmented the muscles in the back and emphasised them. Too much detail could distracted your eye away from the individual muscles.


Alex Heil 5

Alex Heil 10

The faceless figures and the dream-like impression of her paintings make it easy to imagine yourself in them. I particularly like the intricate strap of the swimsuit, and the way Heil painted the stray hairs running down the back of the woman’s neck.

Alex Heil 4

Heil appears to use a fairly restricted colour palette, however using the same vibrant blues in every painting cleverly links the collection into one continuous piece of art.

Alex Heil 1

The icy blue tones in this paining force the bronzed, sunkissed skin and yellow swim suit to pop out at you. The way Heil painted her profile is particularly stunning.

Alex Heil 7

A typical pose which can be seen on many a jetsetters social media account! Glamourous and blissful, Heil captures this wonderfully. The bikini looks incredibly hyper-realistic, and this figure is the epitome of summer season serenity.

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