Picture Frame Wall- Stage 2- Inspiration

Following on from this post, getting my frames up on the wall is my next challenge! It’s been about 2 months since I moved in, and all my furniture is now settled in its correct location (after MANY re-shuffles. I like to know I’ve assessed all my options….), but I haven’t really got stuck into decorating.

The walls are already a really lovely light grey colour, so I have a great canvas all primed and ready to go! Before I crack on with hanging the pictures, I want to decide how to design my frame wall and what style will suit the space the best. The point of this Stage 2 post is to gather inspiration, plan what I’m going to do and look into all the ways I can go about creating my perfect frame wall.

Firstly, here’s a quick look into the different ways I can style my frame wall.

Monochrome Photo Clusters :

Simple black and white images in simple black and white frames – Professionally printed b&w photographs, or b&w images or artwork all framed in simple one colour frames (ikea is great for these!). Hang them close together and precisely measure gaps between frames to make create a professional look. I reckon this works with other colour combos, just as long as the images being framed are complementary to your chosen colour scheme.

monochrome 1

monochrome 2
The painted tree mural behind the frames looks stunning with these classic Parisian-style images and room decor.

monochrome 3

Keeping all frames relatively monochrome, but having coloured images or matching artwork in them also looks really stylish. At mine, Amy has 3 large pictures of Glastonbury Festival framed in large, thick black rimmed Ikea frames hanging above the sofa, which work so well to fill up the space. I already have a few b&w ikea frames ready to go…so this is a good option for me.

monochrome with colour 2

Carola Kastman
Simple frames with framed art all of a similar style and colour pallet.
simple frames
My trip to Scandinavia at the end of last year made me fall in love with their simplistic style. The Scandic style is something I really want to incorporate into the design of my room.

Frames on a Ledge:

This is a good idea for me, as it prevents putting millions of holes in the wall which can be a bit of a pain to cover over if I have a change of heart. I have a couple plain white shelves I need to put up, however they may be too deep and could obscure the view of the frames from certain angles. I think proper frame ledges are needed for this…but overall it looks really effective and means you can shuffle the frames around and edit the collection so easily.

frames on shalves

frames on a ledge
Using a proper frame ledge instead of a shelf also helps prevents the frames from slipping down

frames on shelves 2

Mismatched Frames:

I really like this. Mixing different antique/quirky looking frames with more modern classic frames works well, and being more relaxed on the distance between frames creates an artsy style picture wall. However, I’d keep the art/images/photos displayed in the frames fairly simple or similar to prevent avoid over-kill, and ensure there’s still some cohesion in the collection. mismatched 1

mismatched 2

mismatched frames 3

mismatched frames 4

mismatched frames 5

mismatched frames 6

mismatched frames 7

Turning Frames Into Wall Art:

A frame doesn’t necessarily need to display something, it can be the main attraction on its own. Layered empty frames look great or framing an object instead of a picture can also look fun. Add words and phrases between frames, or a wall mural behind the frames which links them together, or allows the frames to create part of a painted scene.

empty frames on wall


wall art with frames

frame art

frame wall art
I have a few sketches I’ve done throughout the year in similar charcoal and linseed oil colours. Hanging them like this could look cool, but I wouldn’t want them overlapping this much.

There are SO many ways to design a picture wall….and I want to do them all ! But alas…I must be realistic, and I’ve decided that I’m going to take my favorite aspects of a few of the above pictures and see what I end up with. I have a strong feeling this will be an ever changing feature I’ll constantly add to and re-jig, especially when I collect more things, paint more things and just generally want to switch-up my room decor.

The next post, Stage 3, will be a more practical post looking at DIY tips on how to construct the wall, and (hopefully) will include some pictures of what I’ve done with my frame wall….!!

If anyone has any further ideas or advice on this, I’d love to hear from you!


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