Dinner Table Setting- Moroccan Style!

This post is inspired by a dinner party my housemate, Amy, is hosting for her work friends. They’re each hosting a competitive ‘Come Dine With Me’ style dinner, and  Amy is first to host with Moroccan as her theme of choice. This got me thinking…how could she extending the theme beyond the menu, and create an authentic, stylish Moroccan ambiance for the evening…?

Producing a bubbling tagine full of soft lamb and exotic nuts and spices at a dinner table can be a spectacle in itself, but I’d like to go one step further and supplement her kitchen efforts with a stunning Moroccan themed table design.  Incorporating the punchy, vibrant patterns, which are so synonymous with Moroccan culture, on your dinning table creates a visual sensation with perfectly accompanies your food.

Recently I’ve come across some stunning images on Pinterest of Moroccan dinner settings, and I’ve posted my favorite few below (all credits linked).

Blue and Gold
A wooden table gives the most authentic feel. A beautiful mix of blues with a dash of orange and gold.

Orange and Blue

Moroccan Wedding
A wedding reception, but I like the idea of a lantern center piece with candles and flower-heads, maybe a bit smaller though and gold instead of white.
Orange and Pink
Ethnic carpets under the table, patterned plump pillows instead of dining chairs and long, mismatched runners.
Less of a color pop, and more understated but it works so well. I like the mismatched chairs and different candle holders.
Layer plates and patterns in similar colors. A busy tablecloth doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use simple tableware.

One image in particular stands out to me the most. I’ve seen this image on many online interior pages, and I just love it:

Blue striped down

It’s not a classic Moroccan style, but it incorporates just the right amount of detail to give off an ethnic feel which can also be transferred to accompany other types of cuisine. Subtle lilac and blue tones on a stripped down wood table decorated with fragrant herbs and flowers doesn’t overwhelm the senses, and adds just enough visual stimulation to accompany your meal. I’d chose lavender mixed with wild flowers, candles in pretty lanterns and incense.

Now, if I had an unlimited cash flow, and the ability to completely over-hall our dining room just for one evening, here are a few pieces I’ve found online which I would use to replicate this set up. Click on the image number below for the shop link!

I could go on and on…but I’ll stop there! I was planning to also include pictures of the meal Amy ended up creating at the end of this post…but she had a (very) last minute change of heart and decided to do Italian instead!!!!



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