My VERY Simple Picture Frame Update

Picture frames are my vice. I love them. But I very rarely get around to filling them.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures in the past few years, majority of which were snapped during my travels around Europe and Scandinavia, however they are all sorted away digitally and not on display in their full glory. Last week I got fed up of looking at the empty frames, so I ordered some prints from snapfish and got to work. As well as filling my pretty, store-bought frames with snaps, my mum gave me a selection of Ikea frames which she’d painted cream but no longer wanted, so I had a think about how to jazz them up.

I stupidly forgot to take good ‘before’ pics, so this is all I have…

Popping into a local craft store on my lunch break, I browsed their selection of paper and cardboard, but they were all so basic and flat. I have no patience, and I knew trawling online for my perfect backing would take forever, so I bought some tissue paper which has the most gorgeous design and some card and got crafty.

July 2015 033
The pretty black and white printed paper is by ViViGade, a Scandinavian company.

Here’s the results:

July 2015 153
The black and white helps to make the blues pop out in both these pictures, and the pattern isn’t too busy to detract from the images.
July 2015 075
I love the look of pictures and mirrors propped up on surfaces instead of hung on a wall, however I will put few pictures up on the wall so the top of my draws are less cluttered.

July 2015 084

I’m pretty pleased with how much more exciting the frames look with a backing. Although I’m a sucker for an ornate, overly detailed frame, sometimes a simple basic frame with a pretty backing is all you need to supplement the image on display. It helps accentuate the picture and keep all the focus on the image, and now my frames look less Ikea’s basic range, and a tad more special. Very simple, but very effective.


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