Artist Obsession- Valery Koshlyakov

I’ve come across the work of Russian artist Valery Koshlyakov a few times now, and every time I do, I fall even more in love with it. He creates all sorts of art: sculptures, paintings, huge installations, a majority of which use packaging materials as a the main component. Having started his career using the classic canvas as a base for his paintings, he moving to cardboard and packaging in the early 90’s, and boy am I’m glad he did!

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Picture Frame Wall- Stage 2- Inspiration

Following on from this post, getting my frames up on the wall is my next challenge! It’s been about 2 months since I moved in, and all my furniture is now settled in its correct location (after MANY re-shuffles. I like to know I’ve assessed all my options….), but I haven’t really got stuck into decorating.

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Dinner Table Setting- Moroccan Style!

This post is inspired by a dinner party my housemate, Amy, is hosting for her work friends. They’re each hosting a competitive ‘Come Dine With Me’ style dinner, and  Amy is first to host with Moroccan as her theme of choice. This got me thinking…how could she extending the theme beyond the menu, and create an authentic, stylish Moroccan ambiance for the evening…?

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My VERY Simple Picture Frame Update

Picture frames are my vice. I love them. But I very rarely get around to filling them.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures in the past few years, majority of which were snapped during my travels around Europe and Scandinavia, however they are all sorted away digitally and not on display in their full glory. Last week I got fed up of looking at the empty frames, so I ordered some prints from snapfish and got to work. As well as filling my pretty, store-bought frames with snaps, my mum gave me a selection of Ikea frames which she’d painted cream but no longer wanted, so I had a think about how to jazz them up.

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